Session Descriptions

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Presentation Authors
Stream: Ecosystemic Impacts
Implication of Climate Change on Cyclic Metabolism of Water at the Neighborhood: The Case of Indian Cities Grover, Dr. Aruna Ramani
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change and Disaster Management: Fresh Water Availability and Global Challenge
  1. Mishra, Rakesh Kumar
  2. Dubey, S.C.
Virtual Presentation
Urban Heat Island Effect in the Puget Sound: Adaptation and Biomimetic Strategies to Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change Young, Stefanie
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity in Southwestern Australia: Gnangara Sustainability
  1. Wilson, Dr. Barbara
  2. Valentine, Dr. Leonie
Paper Presentation
East African Agriculture: Land Cover Change and Climate Change Impacts
  1. Moore, Nathan
  2. Andresen, Jeffrey
  3. Olson, Jennifer
  4. Pijanowski, Bryan
Virtual Presentation
Climate Impacts: A Meta-analysis of Connections in a Coupled Human and Natural System Moriniere, Dr Lezlie Caro
Virtual Presentation
Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services May Have Differing Resilience to Increasing Disturbance Rates and Disturbance Interactions
  1. Buma, Brian
  2. Wessman, Dr. Carol
Paper in Themed Session
The Modeling and Mapping Hydrothermal Regimes and Potential Impacts of Climate Change
  1. Jutras, Marie-France
  2. Bhatti, Dr. Jagtar
  3. Arp, Dr. Paul
Virtual Presentation
Reforestation of Degraded Regions to Halt Expansion of Desert and Wasteland Areas: Contribution to the “Green” Economy of Developing Countries
  1. Muñoz del Toro, Prof. Isabel
  2. García del Toro, Prof. Eva Maria
  3. Mas, Prof. Maria Isabel
  4. Marco García, Prof. Luis Jaime
  5. Fernandez Caballero, Prof. Carlos
Virtual Presentation
Securing Marine Ecosystem Services in the Face of Climate Change Ruckelshaus, Dr. Mary
Paper in Themed Session
Development of a Detailed Spectral Wind - Wave Model of the North Atlantic for Analysis of Present and Future Wave Climate Conditions in Europe Duggan, Clare
Paper in Themed Session
The Effect of Climate Change and Land Use Transformations on the Susceptibility of Peatlands to Wildfires: A Geostatistical Risk Assessment
  1. Khakpour, Mehdi
  2. Yearsley, Dr. Jonathan M.
Paper in Themed Session
Thermal Cycles in Soils Representative of the Mackenzie River Valley, Canada
  1. Startsev, Dr Natalia
  2. Bhatti, Dr. Jagtar
  3. Arp, Dr Paul
Virtual Presentation
Climate Change and Glacier-fed Rivers Milner, Prof Alexander
Paper in Themed Session
Impacts of Future Climates on Fire-promoting Invasive Grass Distributions in the Hawaiian Islands: C4 vs C3
  1. Angelo, Courtney
  2. Daehler, Dr. Curtis
Paper in Themed Session
The Impact of Climate Change on Dry-Land Crop Production in the Yellow River Region: A Spatial Econometric Approach
  1. Xue, Dr. Jianhong
  2. Wei, Jieqiong
Paper in Themed Session
Global Warming and the Effects of Salinity on the Uptake of Lead and Cadmium by Two Mangrove Species, Rhizophora. apiculata Bl. and Avicennia alba Bl. Din, Dr Zubir bin
Paper in Themed Session
The Emission of Greenhouse Gases from Cement Industries in Iran
  1. Ardestani, Reyhaneh
  2. Karbassi, Dr. Abdolreza
Paper in Themed Session
The Integration of the “Green Economy” Concept into the Production and Consumption of Fossil Fuels in Iran
  1. Ardestani, Reyhaneh
  2. Shafipour, Dr. Majid
  3. Tavakoli, Azadeh
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Responsive Spatial Research by Design: A Case Study Analysis on the Coastal Area of Flanders
  1. Lierman, Sally
  2. De Waegemaeker, Jeroen
  3. Verhofstede, Björn
  4. Foré, Pieter
  5. Verhoestraete, David
  6. Allaert, Prof. Georges
  7. De Sutter, Prof. Renaat
Virtual Presentation
Modeling Climate Change Effects on the Hydrology of Pacific Northwest Wetland Ecosystems
  1. Lee, Dr. Se-Yeun
  2. Hamlet, Dr. Alan F.
  3. Ryan, Dr. Maureen
Paper in Themed Session
Quantifying Climate Change Impacts on Access to Forest Service and Park Service Lands in the North Cascades, Washington
  1. Strauch, Ronda
  2. Hamlet, Dr. Alan F.
Paper in Themed Session
Avalanche Danger in Snowpack Areas: Iran Case Study—The Haraz Mountainous Road
  1. Hajizadeh Far, Abdolhossein
  2. Yamani, Mojtaba
  3. Karimi, Jabar
  4. Akhgar, Parvaneh
Virtual Presentation
The Impact of Anthropogenic Climate Change on the Vegetation of the Soutpansberg Region of South Africa
  1. Kephe, Priscilla Ntuchu
  2. Kabanda, Prof. Tibaganyuka
  3. Petja, Dr. Brilliant
Paper in Themed Session
Managing for Ecological Resilience: A Case Study from a Developing Country
  1. Dews, Geoff
  2. Meyers, Dr. Noel
  3. Fahey, Dr Shireen
Paper in Themed Session
A Pacific Northwest Hydroelectric Project and Climate Change: Assessing Risks and Adaptation Options
  1. Tressler, Ronald
  2. Snover, Amy
Exhibit/Poster Present
Impact of Climate Change in Caretta caretta Incubation: Current Estimations and Future Predictions Sousa Martins, Maria
Virtual Presentation
The Benefits of a Compute Cluster Approach to High Spatial Resolution Biodiversity Richness Modelling: Projecting the Impact of Climate Change on Mediterranean Flora
  1. Heap, Dr. Marshall J.
  2. Culham, Dr. Alastair
  3. Osborne, Dr. James
Virtual Presentation
The Impacts of Climate Change on Crop Yield Distribution Chen, Pin Yu
Paper in Themed Session
Reduced Time Windows for Prescribed Burning in Continental United States under a Changing Climate Liu, Dr. Yongqiang
Paper in Themed Session
The Vulnerability of Dipterocarps and Figs in Singapore to Climate Change
  1. Toh, Kok Ben
  2. Fam, Shun Deng
  3. Chou, Prof. Loke Ming
  4. Tay, Ywee Chieh
  5. Phang, Valerie Xin Hui
Paper in Themed Session
Assessing Impacts of Climatic Changes to Singapore’s Biodiversity through a Multi-taxa Approach
  1. Tay, Ywee Chieh
  2. Chou, Prof. Loke Ming
  3. Toh, Kok Ben
  4. Phang, Valerie Xin Hui
Paper in Themed Session
Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Ecosystems in Singapore
  1. Toh, Kok Ben
  2. Phang, Valerie Xin Hui
  3. Chou, Prof. Loke Ming
  4. Tay, Ywee Chieh
Paper in Themed Session
Are We Using the Right Climate? Developing Ecosystem-based Climatologies for Referencing Climate Change Impact Assessments Shein, Dr. Karsten
Paper in Themed Session
The Need for an Environmental Management Accounting Information System in Developing Nations: The Case of Ethiopia Asfaw, Tibebe Sirak
Paper in Themed Session
Monitoring the Health of Coral Reefs via the Marker Proteins under Ocean Warming
  1. Hong, Ming-Chang
  2. Chen, Dr. Ming-Chyuan
  3. Soong, Dr. Keryea
Exhibit/Poster Present
Measurement of Fluxes of Greenhouse Gas in Aquaculture and Aquatic Habitats Islam, Khan Muhammad Nurul
Virtual Presentation
Responses of Terrestrial Water Cycles to Changes in Phenology in North America during 1981-2010
  1. Liu, Mingliang
  2. Adam, Jennifer
  3. Zhu, Zaichun
  4. Myneni, Ranga
Paper in Themed Session
Farmers' Preferences in Allocation of Marginal Lands between Conservation and Farm Use in the Choke Mountain Ecosystem Nigusie, Yalemzewd
Paper in Themed Session
A Compilation of Geographic Case Studies on Climate and Conservation: Landscape and Seascape Science, Planning, and Action Chester, Dr. Charles
Paper in Themed Session
The Integrated Regional Earth System Model
  1. Kraucunas, Dr. Ian
  2. Hibbard, Kathy
  3. Rice, Jennie
Exhibit/Poster Present
A New Global Dataset of Daily Downscaled Climate Projections: Making Climate Science Relevant to Decision-Makers Girvetz, Dr. Evan
Exhibit/Poster Present
Stream: Human Impacts
The Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources and Local People's Supply in the Oti Basin Badjana, Hèou Maléki
Virtual Presentation
An Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on Children’s Health in Southwest Nigeria
  1. Adeboyejo, Aina Thompson
  2. Adejumobi, David Oyinlade
  3. Ogunleye, Bisola
  4. Odeyemi, Oluwafemi Emmanuel
  5. Akinrefon, Tosin Comfort
Virtual Presentation
Racial and Income Disparities in Relation to a Proposed Climate Change Vulnerability Screening Method for California
  1. English, Dr. Paul
  2. Richardson, Max
Paper in Themed Session
Migration Decision Making and Climate Change in Cambodia Walton, Marcia
Virtual Presentation
Assessing International Tourists' Perceptions towards Climate Change in Mauritius
  1. Makoondlall-Chadee, Toshima
  2. Bokhoree, Dr. Chandradeo
Virtual Presentation
Defining Climate Induced Migration: A Case Study of Bangladesh
  1. Ahsan, Dr Reazul
  2. Kellett, Prof. Jon
  3. Karuppannan, Dr. Sadasivam
Virtual Presentation
Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Communities: A Blueprint for Investigation and Assessment
  1. Metcalf, Dr. Sarah
  2. van Putten, Dr. Ingrid
  3. Frusher, Prof. Stewart
  4. Tull, Prof. Malcolm
  5. Marshall, Dr. Nadine
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change, Extreme Heat and Older People
  1. Mayner, Assoc. Prof. Lidia
  2. Arbon, Prof. Paul
Paper in Themed Session
Mapping and Assessing Critical Water Management Challenges in North Pare Highlands, Tanzania, East Africa Velempini, Kgosietsile
Virtual Presentation
Climate Change and Drought Risk in the Potosì District, Bolivia
  1. Minucci, Guido
  2. Chelleri, Dr Lorenzo
Virtual Presentation
Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Water Shortages: A Computable General Equilibrium Model for Korea
  1. Ryu, Dr. Mun Hyun
  2. Park, Dr. Dooho
  3. Choi, Dr. Hanjoo
Paper in Themed Session
The Smart Housing in Disasters Act: Temporary, Recyclable Housing Units to Victims of Catastrophic Incidents Kennedy, Samantha
Virtual Presentation
Constructing Meaning at the End of Humanity Curtis, Dr. Richard
Paper in Themed Session
Generation EnergY: the Energy Saving Thoughts and Actions of a Power Hungry Generation Smith, Samantha
Paper in Themed Session
The Tragedy of Success Pospisil, Michael Charles
Paper in Themed Session
Making Climate Change Science Education Sexy: Weaving Environmental Competencies into the Fashion Curriculum
  1. Armstrong, Dr. Cosette
  2. LeHew, Dr. Melody L.A.
  3. Hiller Connell, Dr. Kim Y.
  4. Hustvedt, Dr. Gwendolyn
  5. Anderson, Prof. Barbara G.
Exhibit/Poster Present
Climate Change, Food Security, and Population in Sub-Saharan Africa: Modelling the Linkages
  1. Moreland, Dr. Scott
  2. Smith, Ellen
Paper in Themed Session
Nursing and Climate Change Eide, Dr. Phyllis
Paper in Themed Session
The Climate-Induced Migration: What Protection for Displaced People?
  1. Tremblay, Marilyn
  2. St-Onge Trudel, Marie-Ève
Paper in Themed Session
Ecological Representation in Literature: Poetics and Literary Portrayals of "Change" Shepard, Bret
Paper in Themed Session
Biting the Hand that Feeds It Meakins, Brook
Paper in Themed Session
Bottom-up Mitigation of Global Climate Change
  1. Tomkiewicz, Micha
  2. Scarlatos, Lori
Paper in Themed Session
Intensive and Extensive Parametrization of Energy Use and Income in US States and in Global Urban Environments
  1. Ostrovskiy, Yevgeniy
  2. Cheng, Michael
  3. Tomkiewicz, Micha
Paper in Themed Session
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions of American Households in Light of Sustainability Strategies
  1. Laaly, Safieh
  2. Oguntimein, Dr. Gbekeloluwa
  3. Jeihani, Dr. Mansoureh
  4. Khanal, Sandarva
Paper in Themed Session
Dangerous Climate: Race, Gender, and State Violence in Post-carbon Literature Sigler Sibara, Josie
Virtual Presentation
Climate Change Impacts on Small Scale Farmers in North Kinangop Location, Kenya Njenga, Nancy Wanja
Paper in Themed Session
Behavioural Adaptation to the Changing Climate in Coastal India Mudaliar, Ruchi
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change and Canadian Agriculture: Some Knowledge Gaps
  1. Kulshreshtha, Prof. Suren
  2. Wheaton, Dr. Elaine
Workshop Presentation
Learning from the Past: A Historical Look at Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for the Agricultural Sector in the Central Great Plains Harrington, Jr., John
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change and Associated Impacts on Morbidity and Mortality: Historical Trends and Future Projections for Three Washington State Counties
  1. Schulman, Dr. Beryl
  2. Hom, Elizabeth
  3. Busch Isaksen, Tania
  4. Hyde, Dr. Jonnie
The Brazilian Electoral System and Policy Making Relative to Climate Change
  1. Clemente, Estela
  2. Clemente, Dr. Ademir
Virtual Presentation
Sustainable Design: Innovative Technology for Coping with Climate Change Titlow, Budd
Paper in Themed Session
Understanding Climate Change and Its Impact on Human Health in Bangladesh
  1. Kabir, Russell
  2. Khan, Dr. Hafiz
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Opportunities in Communities around Itu Bridge-Head, Itu LGA, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
  1. Ekpo, Dr,' Friday Emmanuel
  2. Nzegbule, Dr. Emmanuel C.
Virtual Presentation
Predicting Future Temperature Related Mortality in Climate Change Contexts Using Global and Regional Climate Models in 9 Cities in Québec: Methodological Considerations in Climatic Change Epidemiologic Studies Benmarhnia, Tarik
Virtual Presentation
Climate Change, Community Understanding and Emotional Responses to Heat Waves in Adelaide, Australia
  1. Akompab, Derick A.
  2. Bi, Prof. Peng
  3. Williams, Dr. Susan
  4. Saniotis, Dr. Arthur
  5. Walker, Prof. Iain A.
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Responsive Spatial Resilience: A Case Study Analysis of the Coastal Area of Flanders/Belgium
  1. Verhofstede, Björn
  2. Lierman, Sally
  3. De Waegemaeker, Jeroen
  4. Verhoestraete, David
  5. Allaert, Prof. Georges
  6. De Sutter, Prof. Renaat
Virtual Presentation
Using Indicators to Assess the Vulnerability and Resiliency of Alaskan Fishing Communities to Climate Change
  1. Himes-Cornell, Dr. Amber
  2. Kasperski, Dr. Stephen
Workshop Presentation
The Impacts of Climate Change on Milk Production in the United States
  1. Bauman, Yoram
  2. Salathe Jr., Eric
  3. Mauger, Dr. Guillaume
  4. Nennich, Tamilee
Paper in Themed Session
Doing More with Less? Meeting Future Healthcare Service Demands in the Context of Climate Change, Christchurch, New Zealand Graham, Frances
Exhibit/Poster Present
River Bank Erosion: A Case Study of Mehendiganj, Bangladesh
  1. Sarker, Mohammad Shohrab Hossain
  2. Bigg, Grant
Exhibit/Poster Present
Non-governmental Organization's Accountability Evaluation and Control: Secure International Cooperation for Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change
  1. Rackes da Silva, Stefani
  2. Costaldello, Dr. Angela Cassia
Paper in Themed Session
A Curious Resilience: Australia's Central Deserts and Climate Change
  1. Gerritsen, Prof. Rolf
  2. Zeng, Dr. Benxiang
Virtual Presentation
Climate Change and Agricultural Production in Limpopo Province, South Africa: Impacts and Adaptation Options Maponya, Phokele
Paper in Themed Session
A Multidisciplinary Facilitated Approach to Addressing the Impact of Climate Change on Farming Systems
  1. Noonan, John
  2. Storer, Dr. Chrisitine
  3. Evans, Chris
Paper in Themed Session
Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Columbia River Basin Agriculture through Integrated Modeling
  1. Rajagopalan, Kirti
  2. Chinnayakanahalli, Kiran
  3. Adam, Jennifer
  4. Nelson, Roger
  5. Stockle, Claudio
  6. Brady, Michael
  7. Malek, Keyvan
  8. Dinesh, Shifa
  9. Barber, Michael Ernest
  10. Yorgey, Georgine
  11. Kruger, Chad
Paper in Themed Session
Divided Histories: Twin Communities on the Sustainable Development Challenge
  1. Osovski Suss, Marcia Aparecida
  2. Stange Suss, Luiz Fernando
  3. Pereira Vieira, Elizete
  4. Urbano Kesseli, Walmir
Paper in Themed Session
Monitoring Near Surface Humidity over Land Using Satellite-based Data: The Relationship between Total Water Column and Specific Humidity De Hoyos, Sergio E
Exhibit/Poster Present
A Geographic Analysis of Malaria Prevalence in Two Zones in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India: A Comparative Study at a Local Level
  1. Chandran, Divya
  2. Andimuthu, Dr. Ramachandran
  3. Rajan, Rupa
  4. Venkatesan, Dr. Mada Suresh
Virtual Presentation
Local Climate Change Challenges and Opportunities: Understanding Municipal Official Perspectives
  1. Chatrchyan, Dr. Allison
  2. Allred, Dr. Shorna Broussard
  3. Mullen, Maureen
Exhibit/Poster Present
Committed Global Climate Change and Food Security: Linking the Unavoidable Lags between Rapid Emissions Reduction for Climate Stabilization on Crop Yields Using Climate Crop Model Projections Carter, Dr. Peter
Exhibit/Poster Present
Organic Farming Footprints: An Integrated Extenstion-Research Project Verhey, Dr. Steve
Exhibit/Poster Present
The Political Vulnerability of Australian Emission Reduction Policies Lundberg, Dr. David Bruce
Virtual Presentation
Stream: Scientific Evidence
A Lifecycle Assesment of GTL Processes: An Environmental Impact Assessment
  1. Khraisheh, Dr. Majeda
  2. Bani Nasser, Mrs layal A.
Paper in Themed Session
Rainfall Trends and Links to El Nino Southern Oscillation in a Ganges River Tributary
  1. Duhan, Darshana
  2. Pandey, Ashish
Paper in Themed Session
It's the End of the World as We Know It: Climate Change as a Threat to National Security Haug, Katherine
Virtual Presentation
Changes and Projections in the Annual Cycle of the Southern Hemisphere Circulation, Storm Tracks and Australian Rainfall
  1. Frederiksen, Dr. Carsten Segerlund
  2. Frederiksen, Dr. Jorgen Segerlund
  3. Sisson, Janice Maria
  4. Osbrough, Stacey Lee
Virtual Presentation
Early Bloomers in a Changing Climate: Impact of Rising Temperatures on the Flowering Time of Greater Philadelphia Native Plant Species Panchen, Zoe
Paper in Themed Session
Assessment of Impacts of Climate Change on the Hydrologic Cycle McBean, Dr. Edward
Paper in Themed Session
How Rising Temperatures Are Changing Winter Hydrology across Ontario Dickinson, Prof. Trevor
Paper in Themed Session
The End of Predictability: How Climate Change Complicates Commerce and Our Lives Lovely, Ross
Virtual Presentation
Coastal Response to Accelerated Sea-level Rise
  1. Anderson, Dr. John B.
  2. Simms, Alexander
  3. Rodriguez, Antonio
  4. Wallace, Davin
Virtual Presentation
Importance of the Multi-decadal Oscillation in Understanding the Present Climate Change Akasofu, Dr. Syun-Ichi
Paper in Themed Session
Understanding the Climate Change Impact on Wheat Cultivation in Uttar Pradesh, India Badh, Dr Ambika
Paper in Themed Session
Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Climatic Extremes in the Mountainous Regions of Iran
  1. Sohrabi, Mohammad
  2. Ryu, Prof. Jae
  3. Alijani, Bohloul
Paper in Themed Session
Developing National Extension Capacity to Address Issues Related to Animal Agriculture and Climate Change Whitefield, Elizabeth
Exhibit/Poster Present
Uncertainties in Future Columbia River Water Supply
  1. Vano, Julie
  2. Lettenmaier, Dennis
Paper in Themed Session
An Evolutionary Algorithm - Learning Classifier Syestem Used to Create Model to Predict Global Mean Temperatures Daniels, Benjamin
Paper in Themed Session
Seasonal Variations of Wind-Wave Climate in the Indian Ocean Using Satellite Altimeter Data
  1. Eswaran, Dinesh kumar
  2. Sannasi Annamalaisamy, Prof Sannasiraj
  3. Vallam, Prof Sundar
Paper in Themed Session
Application and Relevance of Indigenous Knowledge for Flood Management under Climate Change Devkota, Mr Rohini
Paper in Themed Session
The Correlation of Temperature and Precipitation Decadal Averages in the Northeast
  1. DeMarco, Samantha
  2. Snow, Dr. Rich
Paper in Themed Session
An Indicator of Climate Change in the South West Region of Bangladesh
  1. Nowreen, Sara
  2. Murshed, Sonia Binte
  3. Islam, Dr. A.K.M Saiful
  4. Hasan, Mohammad Alfi
  5. Sarker, Tarun Kumar
Virtual Presentation
A Long-term Hydrologically-based Dataset of Land Surface Fluxes and States for Climatic Modeling and Analysis over the Conterminous United States
  1. Livneh, Ben
  2. Thrasher, Dr Bridget
  3. Lettenmaier, Dr Dennis
Paper in Themed Session
Solutions and Challenges to Addressing Human Population Growth and Global Climate Change
  1. Caddell, Randi
  2. Bergstrom, Rafael
  3. W. Chynoweth, Mark
  4. M. Ellsworth, Dr. Lisa
  5. Henly-Shepard, Sarah
  6. K. Iwashita, Darcey
  7. Miller, Kara
  8. Lepczyk, Dr. Christopher A.
Paper in Themed Session
Urban Heat Island Effect at Nuuk, Greenland Reames, Tony
Paper in Themed Session
Consequences of Changing Climate and Land Use to 100-Year Floodplain: Low Impact Development as a Climate Adaptation Measure Roseen, Dr. Robert
Paper in Themed Session
Feasibility Analysis of Taking Ponds as Adaption Tools for Flood under the Climate Variation Trend Wang, Dr. Jieh-Jiuh
Exhibit/Poster Present
A Practical Framework for Mitigating the Urban Heat Island Effects in the Tehran Metropolitan Area: A Focus on Spatial Aspects
  1. Masoudi, Mr. Amin
  2. Shahab, Sina
  3. Asadpour, Kaveh
Virtual Presentation
The Impact of Sprawl Cities on Air Pollution Ahmadi, Dr. Leila
Exhibit/Poster Present
Estimating the Effect of Temperature/Heat Stress on Daily Car Accidents: Time Series Modeling for Tel Aviv, Israel Chava, Dr. Peretz
Paper in Themed Session
Environmental Change in the Northwest Passage: From Ice Age to the Present
  1. Pienkowski, Dr. Anna J.
  2. England, Dr John
  3. Furze, Dr Mark F.A.
  4. MacLean, Brian
  5. Blasco, Steve
Paper in Themed Session
Prospects for Conserving Endangered Wildlife Populations in Pacific Coast Salt Marshes under Expected Sea-level Rise
  1. Takekawa, Dr. John
  2. Thorne, Dr. Karen
  3. Buffington, Kevin
  4. Swanson, Kathleen
  5. Drexler, Dr. Judith
Paper in Themed Session
Optimal Design of a Climatological Network: Beyond Practical Considerations
  1. Mauger, Dr. Guillaume
  2. Hakim, Dr. Greg
  3. Bumbaco, Karin
  4. Mote, Dr. Phil
Paper in Themed Session
Legume Adoption Practices in the Central Great Plains of the United States: Economic and Environmental Benefits in Face of Climate Change
  1. Islam, Dr. M. Anowarul
  2. Groose, Dr Robin
  3. Norton, Dr Urszula
  4. Garcia y Garcia, Dr. Axel
  5. Santra, Dr Dipak
  6. Sivanpillai, Dr Ramesh
  7. Ritten, Dr John
  8. Norton, Dr Jay
  9. Paisley, Dr Steven
  10. Krall, Dr James
Exhibit/Poster Present
Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Changes on the Central Indian Climate Nayak, Sridhara
Paper in Themed Session
Integrated Stormwater Management Modelling under Climate Change
  1. Yazdandoost, Dr. Farhad
  2. Malaekepour, Seyed Mahdi
Virtual Presentation
Investigating Climate Change Impacts on the Upper Blue Nile Basin Hydrological Cycle Using Statistical Downscaling Approaches
  1. Siam, Mohamed
  2. Nour, Mohamed
  3. Wagdy, Ahmad
Virtual Presentation
A Comparative Study on the Occurrences of Severe Thunderstorms in Kolkata,India and in South-East USA
  1. Chakrabarty, Himadri
  2. Murthy, Dr. C. A.
  3. Das Gupta, Prof. Ashis
Paper in Themed Session
Cloud Dynamics Using Fall Velocity and Nucleation: Geometry of Clouds
  1. Prasad LV, Narasimha
  2. Reddy K, . Prudhvi Kumar
Virtual Presentation
Climate Change Modeling by Analyzing Middle East Climate Data Rasuly, Prof. Dr. Ali Akbar
Paper in Themed Session
The Role of Extension in Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change in the Sahelian Zone of Nigeria Mustapha, Shettima Bulama
Virtual Presentation
- -
Virtual Presentation
Improving Streamflow Estimation under Human Interference for Regional Earth System Models
  1. Li, Hongyi
  2. Voisin, Dr. Nathalie
  3. Huang, Maoyi
  4. Leung, Lai-Yung
  5. Wigmosta, Mark
Paper in Themed Session
Impacts of Irrigation on the Regional Hydrologic Cycle of North America
  1. Huang, Maoyi
  2. Leng, Guoyong
  3. Leung, Lai-yung Ruby
Paper in Themed Session
Are Climatological Disasters on the Rise? An Overview of the International Climate Disasters of the Past Century
  1. Doytch, Dr. Nadia
  2. Uctum, Dr. Merih
Virtual Presentation
Impact of Climate Change on the Extremes of Observed Daily Temperature Data in the Greater Toronto Area Mohsin, Dr Tanzina
Paper in Themed Session
Selection of the Best Air Pollution Control Systems in North America Zahedi, Dr GHOLAMREZA
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change Indicators as a Core for Adaptation Options in the Czech Republic Tolasz, Dr. Radim
Exhibit/Poster Present
A Comprehensive Study on Storm Surge for Bangladesh Sarkar, Nikhil Chandra
Virtual Presentation
Stream: Technical, Political and Social Responses
Political and Social Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation Strategies in Brazil: Implications for Efficiency and Co-benefits Gebara, Maria Fernanda
Paper in Themed Session
Rational Climate Mitigation Targets Edvardsson Björnberg, Dr Karin
Paper in Themed Session
Communicating Climate Change to Natural Resources, Agriculture Audiences, and Stakeholders: The Grassroots Proactive Response of the US Cooperative Extension Service
  1. Jones, Christopher
  2. Creighton, Dr. Janean
  3. Crimmins, Dr. Michael
  4. Kantor, Sylvia
  5. Kruger, Chad
  6. Schnepf, Chris
  7. Withrow-Robinson, Dr. Brad
  8. Grotta, Amy
Workshop Presentation
Public Attitudes to Carbon Capture and Storage in the United States and Canada: A Qualitative Investigation of Public Opinion in Communities Hosting Demonstration Projects
  1. Jones, Dr. Christopher Robert
  2. Scott, Fiona
Paper in Themed Session
Local Planning Processes for Sustainable Development: A Comparative Analysis of Two Case Studies Baard, Patrik
Paper in Themed Session
Reconsidering Environmental Adders Hofmeister, Professor Brandon
Paper in Themed Session
Evaluating the Impacts of Tourism Destination Green Growth Strategies: A Generalized, Adaptable Decision Support System McGrath, Prof. G. Michael
Paper in Themed Session
Critical Review of Landfill Gas Clean Development Mechanism Projects in Brazil: Case Study of the Aura Landfill in Belém-Pará
  1. Pileggi, Flavia
  2. Beduschi, Dr. Luiz Carlos
Virtual Presentation
Indicators for Measuring Progress in Adaptation in Agriculture: Experiences from the Gangetic Basin
  1. Sivapuram, Dr. Venkata Rama Krishna Prabhakar
  2. Kotru, Dr. Rajan
  3. Mohan, Divya
  4. Rabbani, Golam
  5. Shinano, Dr. Hayashi
  6. Izumi, Tsurita
  7. Haider, Syeda Sajeda
Assessing Policies Promoting Poverty Alleviation and Marine Resource Sustainability in Impoverished Coastal Communities Stern, Michelle
Paper in Themed Session
The Changing Nature of the Beach for Low Carbon Societies: The Australian Case
  1. Franklin, Adrian
  2. Picken, Dr. Felicity
Paper in Themed Session
The Role of Employers’ Organisations and Trade Unions in the Development of Climate Change Policy
  1. Glynn, Peter J.
  2. Taplin, Prof. Roslyn
Paper in Themed Session
Transformation or Transcendence: The Debates on Climate Change and Its Implications Syed, Shahnawaz
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change and Water Demand: Techniques for Understanding Climate Change Induced Risk for Municipal Water Demand Haagenson, Erik
Workshop Presentation
Barriers to Climate Change Resilience in Seaport Decision Systems: A Case Study Becker, Dr. Austin
Paper in Themed Session
Vulnerability Assessment of Urban Social and Economic Sectoral Activities: Plan of Adaptation of Vitoria-Gasteiz
  1. Olazabal, Marta
  2. Abajo, Beñat
  3. Herranz, Karmele
  4. Feliu, Efren
Virtual Presentation
A Climate Change Vulnerability Screening: Climate Change Events Booth, Michael
Paper in Themed Session
Re-framing Different Human Resilient Strategies in the Light of Integrated Sustainability Approaches: Coping with Drought and Desertification in Dryland
  1. Chelleri, Dr Lorenzo
  2. Minucci, Guido
  3. Breton, Dott. Françoise
Virtual Presentation
Green Infrastructure Planning for Climate Change: Stormwater Best Management Practices Evaluation for Climate Induced Flooding Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Change Adaptation Cheng, Chingwen
Virtual Presentation
Does Climate Change Increase Flood Damage in Korea?
  1. Park, Dr. Dooho
  2. Choi, Dr. Yong-Joon
Paper in Themed Session
Estimating Supply Chain Contributions to Carbon Price Induced Inflation McHugh, Adam
Paper in Themed Session
Relevance of Urban Agriculture: Planning and Policies for Climate Change Havaligi, Neeraja
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change Knowledge and Perceptions of Texas State University Geography Alumni Ray, Elizabeth
Paper in Themed Session
Making Climate Change Important: How Municipal Governments Shape Citizen Values Hanlon, Jeff
Paper in Themed Session
Improving Climate Change Adaptation in Least Developed Asia Sovacool, Benjamin
Virtual Presentation
Satellite Remote Sensing, Koalas and Eucalypts: How to Monitor Remote Ecosystems and Prepare Better Conservation Planning Policies for Climate Change Ream, Brandy
Exhibit/Poster Present
Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Natural Resource Scarcity Flynn, Dr. Dave
Virtual Presentation
Integrating Aerosol Cooling within Climate Change Mitigation Policy Wood, Justin
Paper in Themed Session
Transition Network: Exploring Intersections between Culture, the Climate Crisis, and a Digital Network in the Context of a Community-driven Global Social Movement Polk, Emily
Paper in Themed Session
Alternative Uses of Highway Right of Way: Accommodating Renewable Energy Technologies and Alternative Fuel Facilities
  1. Poe, Carson
  2. Filosa, Gina
Virtual Presentation
Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability Assessments, and Adaptation Strategies in Selected Coastal Areas in San Juan, Philippines
  1. Ramos-Dipasupil, Dr. Shaneil
  2. Dipasupil, Robert
  3. L. Perez, Maripaz
  4. Reyes, Imelda delos
Paper in Themed Session
A Multi-sectoral, Multi-household, General Equilibrium Model to Assess the Impact of Carbon Price on the Australian Economy
  1. Sajeewani, Dr Disna
  2. Siriwardana, Prof. Mahinda
  3. McNeill, Dr. Judith
  4. Meng, Dr. Xianming
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change on Trial: An Analysis of the Media Coverage of Climategate
  1. Terracina-Hartman, Dr. Carol
  2. Oshita, Tsuyoshi
Paper in Themed Session
Kicking Kentucky Coal: An Analysis of State Level Employment Impacts Weaver, Samantha
Exhibit/Poster Present
Sharing Caribou in Sheshatshiu: The Emergent Capacity of a Northern Community to Respond to Social, Cultural, and Environmental Change
  1. Castro, Damian
  2. Hirsch, Dr. Rachel
  3. Lesisns, Dr. Glen
  4. Higuchi, Dr. Kaz
Paper in Themed Session
Can Australia’s Clean Energy Future Package Protect the Climate, Industry and Individuals? A Question of Competing Objectives Ritzinger, Vanessa
Virtual Presentation
The Central Great Plains Climate Education Partnership: Programs for Agricultural Producers, Rural Communities, and Rural Educators
  1. Champion, Benjamin L.
  2. Abdel-Monem, Tarik
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Literacy, Energy and Communication Silva-Send, Dr. Nilmini
Exhibit/Poster Present
Analysis of Visual Delivery, Resources and Rhetoric Changes by Key Environmental Organizations Impacted from the Field of Graphic Design in a “Post-Inconvenient Truth” Era Schwarte, Adrienne
Exhibit/Poster Present
An Estimation of the Impact on World Trade Using a Disaggregated CGE Model for Climate Change Washida, Dr. Toyoaki
Paper in Themed Session
Developing a Case for Substantial Renewable Energy Use in Mine Site Village Construction and Operation: Reducing Carbon Emissions in the Built Environment Goodfield, David
Paper in Themed Session
Lessons from Montreal, Kyoto, and Copenhagen: The Viability of Future International Environmental Policy Agreements Simonson, Brenna
Paper in Themed Session
Using Mental Model Techniques to Understand how Rural and Poor Urban Dwellers in Ghana Perceive Climate Change Abu, Mumuni
Paper in Themed Session
Securing Refugia for the Future: Climate Change Adapted Sanctuaries
  1. Waterman, Assoc. Prof. Peter
  2. Gilfedder, Louise
  3. Carter, Oberon
Virtual Presentation
Accelerating Low Greenhouse Gas Technology Development and Implementation Oddo, Mike
Paper in Themed Session
Preparing Secondary School Teachers to Teach about Climate Change: The Professional Development Model Used in Southern Nevada as Part of Nevada NSF EPSCoR
  1. Rudd, Dr. Lawrence
  2. Bonde, Aubrey
  3. Buck, Dr. Paul
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change Mitigation Opportunities through Forestry Carbon Projects: Issues, Requirements and Gaps Kala, Prof. Jagdish
Paper in Themed Session
Why We Delay: How Human Cognition Impairs Our Responce to Climate Change Rolls, Dr. John Morley
Paper in Themed Session
Toward a Robust Legal Venue to Redress Climate Change Grievances: Architecting the Pillars of an International Climate Court Su, Jean
Virtual Presentation
The Emergent Efficiency Gap: The Energy Upgrade Haves and Have-nots Flynn, Laura
Exhibit/Poster Present
Climate Change, Ecological Modernisation, Framing Responses and Civic Engagement Rajkobal, Praveena
Virtual Presentation
The Imagery of Global Warming in US Television News Ahern, Dr. Lee
Virtual Presentation
Indigenous Survival Strategies against Climatic Disasters: Disaster Management in Bangladesh Hasan, Mohammad Tareq
Virtual Presentation
Towards an Analytical Framework for Evaluating the Ethical Dimensions of Geoengineering Proposals
  1. Curvelo, Paula
  2. Guimarães Pereira, Dr. Ângela
Virtual Presentation
A Study on Community Resilience and Natural Disasters with Special Referance to Floods in Rathnapura, Sri Lanka
  1. Gunawardhana, Medha Rasanjalee
  2. Abeyrathna, Kaushalya
Virtual Presentation
Socio-economic Assessment of Implementation of Policy Options for Biochar Systems as a Mitigation Strategy for Greenhouse Gas Emissions: India as a Case Study
  1. Dutta, Baishali
  2. Raghavan, Vijaya
Virtual Presentation
New Institutions, New Problems: Co-management and Climate Change in Labrador, Canada Tytelman, Carolina
Paper in Themed Session
Surveying Perceptions of Climate Change in Higher Education: Professors’ Perspectives
  1. Beck, Abby
  2. Sinatra, Dr. Gale M.
  3. Findlay, Jenna
  4. Northrup, Amy
  5. Lombardi, Dr. Doug
Paper in Themed Session
Visible Differences: Communicating with Non-Scientific Audiences Throop, Liz C.
Paper in Themed Session
An Organized Toolbox: Choosing the Appropriate Tools and Methods to Support Climate Change Adaptation
  1. Morino, Kiyomi
  2. Hartmann, Holly
  3. Wiltshire, Kimery
Paper in Themed Session
Green Rights Network: Environmental Protection and Economic Development
  1. Dallagnol, Édelis Martinazzo
  2. Câmara, Prof. Heloisa Fernandes
  3. Moreira, Prof. Dr. Egon Bockmann
Paper in Themed Session
The Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Political Action: A Comparative Analysis of Environmental Policies in Quebec (Canada) and Massachusetts (USA)
  1. Carrier, Prof Mario
  2. Mercier, Prof Jean
  3. Vazquez Gérin, Mauricio
  4. Tremblay-Racicot, Fanny
Paper in Themed Session
Integrated Decision Support for Energy/Water Planning in California and the Southwest
  1. Yates, Dr. David
  2. Miller, Dr. Kathleen A.
Paper in Themed Session
Characterizing Regional Capacity for Adapting to Climate Change in Developing Countries: A Case Study on Peru
  1. Mitsumasu Heredia, Rosa
  2. Babbitt, Callie W.
Paper in Themed Session
Information Systems as a Force for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Hasan, Dr. Helen
Virtual Presentation
Teaching in Higher Education to Confront Climate Change
  1. Mintz, Keren
  2. Tal, Prof. Tali
  3. Tal, Professor Tali
Virtual Presentation
From Rush Babies to Nissan Leafs: Climate Change Education in a Polarized Socio-political Context Walsh, Elizabeth
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change Adaptation Policy and Gender Politics in Bangladesh: An Analysis of the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy Action Plan and National Adaptation Program of Action
  1. Dutta, Bipasha
  2. Islam, Dr. Kazi Maruful
Workshop Presentation
The Economics of Low Carbon Cities: Methods, Findings, Impacts of a City Scale Mini Stern Review Gouldson, Professor Andy
Paper in Themed Session
Ready or Not: An Evaluation of State Climate and Water Preparedness Planning Chou, Ben
Paper in Themed Session
A Precautionary Approach to Climate Policy Nichols, Dr. Lauren Hartzell
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change and Arctic Health: Bringing Far Ranging Information to One Website Brudie, Sigrid
Exhibit/Poster Present
Mitigating the Impacts of Climate Change on the Biodiversity of Trinidad and Tobago: An Ecosystem-based Approach to Policy Chandool, Dr. Cindy
Virtual Presentation
The Religious Dimensions of Climate Change: Existential Uncertainty, and an Ethic of Risk Griffin, P. Joshua
Paper in Themed Session
Brasilidade: Building Communities and Solutions for Climate Change
  1. Pereira, Lauzina
  2. Pertuzatti, Prof. Dirceu
  3. Ravache, Elislean Bueno
  4. Dallagnol, Édelis Martinazzo
Paper in Themed Session
A Transition Management Approach to Designing a Post-Kyoto Climate Policy Architecture Mohammadrezaie Omran, Shahryar
Virtual Presentation
Can We Trust Corporate Greenhouse Gas Inventories?
  1. Talbot, David
  2. Boiral, Olivier
Paper in Themed Session
The Potential for the Usage of Indegenous African Languages in Mitigating Climate Change: A Case of Malawi in Southern Africa Chikaipa, Victor
Workshop Presentation
Who Adapts What: A Perspective of Farm Level Adaptation to Climate Change in the Saurastra and Kutch Region of Western India
  1. Moghariya, Dineshkumar
  2. Smardon, Richard
Paper in Themed Session
A Cognitive Mediating Model of Responses to Climate Change Tucker, David
Paper in Themed Session
The EC2LIPSE Project: Exploring a Climate Change Lagrange I Point Solution for Earth
  1. Azriel, Merryl
  2. Cappaert, Jeroen
  3. Henry, Andrew
  4. Amrouni-Keiling, Antoine
  5. Platzer, Peter
  6. Kovács, Réka
  7. DeLatte, Danielle
  8. Wong, Nathan
  9. Welch, Chris
Paper in Themed Session
The Climate and the Crisis of Conception Esposito, Dr. John
Virtual Presentation
The Socio-economic Dimensions of Farmers' Perception of Climate Change in Uganda Cooper, Sarah Jane
Paper in Themed Session
Preparing for a Changing Climate: Washington State's Integrated Climate Response Strategy
  1. Adelsman, Hedia
  2. Pickett, Mr. Paul J.
  3. Ekrem, Joanna
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change Ambassadors: Youth Leaders in Their Communities McGinty, Megan
Paper in Themed Session
Methodology Development of Greenhouse Gas Emission Factor Quality Evaluation Using Rating Flow Chart
  1. Jung, Yongguk
  2. Jin, Byongbok
  3. Yu, Dr Jaecheon
  4. Yoon, Dr Wanwoo
  5. Kim, Eunyoung
  6. Oh, Taeshik
Exhibit/Poster Present
Affective Influences on Climate Change Perception: A Dual-process Model Perspective Kim, Se-Jin
Virtual Presentation
An Inter-cultural and Cross-disciplinary Educational Strategy on Climate Awareness Wu, Di
Paper in Themed Session
Climate Change Education: Inside Outside Pressures Influencing University Curricula Fahey, Dr Shireen
Paper in Themed Session
Can Words Save Us? An Exploratory Investigation of Climate Change Communication in Australia Naum, Catherine
Virtual Presentation
Climate Change Extension: Presenting the Science Is Necessary but Insufficient
  1. Vincelli, Dr Paul
  2. Humble, Judith
Exhibit/Poster Present
Awareness and Opinion on Climate Change and Effect of Climate-Change Education: A Case Study of Non-science Major Undergraduate Students Tsubota, Dr. Yukimasa
Paper in Themed Session
Institutional Dynamics of Climate Change Adaptation at the Local Level Peñalba, Dr. Linda
Paper in Themed Session
Six-Hundred Years without the Environment in Historical Memory and Social Narrative: A Case Study from China Lucas, Dr. Patrick
Paper in Themed Session
Post-Kyoto and Local Empowerment: The Case for Localism in a New Climate-Protocol Schneider, Henry
Paper in Themed Session
What Do We Talk about When We Talk about Climate Change? Science, Values and Conflict in the Claims we Make about Climate Change Sherman, Dr Daniel
Paper in Themed Session
Showcasing Challenges Associated with Quantitative Impact Analysis of Climate Extremes at Local Government Levels
  1. Mathew, Supriya
  2. Trueck, Prof. Stefan
  3. Henderson-Sellers, Prof. Ann
  4. Inman, Dr Matthew
Virtual Presentation
Climate Change and Water Management in Urban Contexts: The Case of Mexico City
  1. Soto-Montes, Dr. Gloria
  2. Herrera-Pantoja, Dr. Marina
Paper in Themed Session
Preservice Teachers’ Perspectives on Global Climate Change
  1. Bleicher, Dr. Robert
  2. Lambert, Dr. Julie
Virtual Presentation
Environmental Modelers’ Perceptions of Stakeholder Engagement Allen, Elizabeth
Exhibit/Poster Present
Bahamians and Climate Change: An Analysis of Perception of Risk and Climate Change Literacy
  1. Neely, Dr. Rhianna
  2. Owens, Dr. Marcia
  3. Lopez, Dr. Ivette
  4. Johnson, Dr. Elijah
  5. Brown, Dr. C. Perry
Virtual Presentation
Informing Rural Sea-Level Rise Adaptation Strategies through Public Participation Evaluation: Application of the Policy Window Theory
  1. Marshall, Ariana
  2. Allen Owens, Marcia
Virtual Presentation
Inter-regional and Inter-country Differences in Perspectives toward the Loss of Plant or Animal Species or Biodiversity: Evidence from 2005-2007 World Value Survey Data Ngwenya, Dr. Elkana
Virtual Presentation
Adapting to Climate Changes in the Science-Policy Interface: Communities of Practice as Theoretical Framework to Enhance Co-production of Knowledge Iyalomhe, Felix Omokheowa
Virtual Presentation
Conflicts and Compatibility between International Trade and Climate Change Obligations and the Position of the BRICS Ramaswamy, Dr. Muruga Perumal
Paper in Themed Session
Bioenergy Projects and Sustainable Development: Which Project Types Offer the Greatest Benefits?
  1. Lee, Carrie
  2. Lazarus, Michael
Paper in Themed Session
Local Government Response to the Impacts of Climate Change: An Evaluation of Local Climate Adaptation Plans Baker, Ingrid
Paper in Themed Session
Synthesizing and Integrating Regional Climate Information into a Local Government Framework: Deploying the CIMPACT-DST Tool in the U.S. and Internationally
  1. Reeder, Spencer
  2. Keys, Pat
Paper in Themed Session
Renewable Energy and Conservation Opportunities for Agriculture: Promoting On-farm Renewable Energy and Conservation through Enhanced Curriculum Instruction Benedict, Tim
Workshop Presentation
Climate Change Geopolitics: Tensions between Territorialized Nation-States and Global Hegemonic Neoliberalism Dorsch, Michael
Virtual Presentation
Using Spatial Tools to Inform Development and Implementation of Adaptation Strategies in Western Washington
  1. Kershner, Jessi
  2. Mielbrecht, Eric
Exhibit/Poster Present
Climate Change Risk Management for Ports
  1. Wright, Stewart
  2. Flores, Jorge
Paper in Themed Session
Planning for Mysterious Change: The Challenge of Understanding and Shaping Societal Responses to Ocean Acidification and Climate Change
  1. Christie, Dr. Patrick
  2. Amberson, Sophia
Paper in Themed Session
Adapting to Sea Level Rise: Evaluating Climate Change Impacts on Transportation Infrastructure
  1. Oswald Beiler, Dr. Michelle
  2. Treat, Christian
Virtual Presentation
Climate Change Adaptation Practices in Support of Mitigation: Evaluating the Progress of Transportation Planning Agencies
  1. Oswald Beiler, Dr. Michelle
  2. McNeil, Dr. Sue
Virtual Presentation